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Stool Piegon
Spring Chicken
Dali Lama
Johnson Filtration
The Beets Go On
Cock and Pussy with Dogs
Birda of a Feather
Bird Brains
Time Travel
Fly Funeral Pyre
Cockerek and Cockatoo
Polka Dots and Moombeams
Making Elephants from Flies
Mood Swings
​Cockerel and Cockatoo 2019

 Bird Brains 2018  

Dali Llama 2019

Fly Funeral Pyre 2018

​Concierto 2019

The Beets Goes On 2019

​Spring  Chicken  2018

Wordplay Series
All images 9" X 12" on watercolor paper​ unless otherwise noted
Outfoxed 2018

​             Time Travel 2018

Stool Piegon 2018

Johnson Flirtation 2019
​Cock and Pussy with Dogs 2018

   Polka Dots and Moonbeams 2018
  Making Elephants from Flies 1990
                                         11" X 14"
Birds of a Feather 2019

          Water Under the Bridge 2006
                             16" x 20"   SOLD
                         Mood Swings 2020
Pole Dancing Pangolin 2020